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Why does WebRTC detect my real IP address?

First of all you need to realize that showing all IP addresses of your PC/tablet/phone via WebRTC is not a problem or disadvantage of VPN/tor/socks, but this is a problem of your browser.

The WebRTC project was created by Google to transfer stream data (audio and video) mostly between user browsers (p2p connections) without any side software (e.g. Skype) or plugins. This causes WebRTC supporting browser to access not only your network (independantly of your operation system), but possibility to detect your public and local IP address via STUN protocol to establish p2p connections bypassing any type of NAT.

At this moment it's known that WebRTC is enabled by default in browsers Chrome (since version 23), Firefox (since version 22) and Opera (since version 18) which makes anonymity for users of these browsers impossible. You should disable the support of WebRTC to stop it from detecting your public and local IP address.

How to disable WebRTC in Firefox:

  • Enter "about:config" in your address line and press Enter
  • In "Search" input type "media.peerconnection.enabled" and double click on the found setting, so it will turn to "false".

How to disable WebRTC in Chrome:

  • The way to disable WebRTC in Chrome by using browser settings is currently unknown, and we cannot recommend on any alternative solutions like plugins (search and install them at your own risk), because their effectivity leaves much to be desired. So we only can advise you not to use this browser untill its developers make it possible to disable WebRTC in browser settings (like in Firefox).

How to disable WebRTC in Opera:

  • Go to "Settings" -> "More settings"
  • In "WebRTC" section choose "Deactivate UDP without proxy"

How to disable WebRTC in Android with Chrome:

  • On latest versions of Chrome browser for Android it's impossible to disable WebRTC though such option exists in settings.
  • If you need to use a browser with disabled WebRTC on Android, we recommend using Firefox for Android. You can disable WebRTC there according to Firefox instruction above.